Social Media Plans

Social Media Philosophy

My philosophy towards approaching social media for a project like this is to aim for frequent and simple posts. The goal of these posts is primarily to draw attention to the site by inspiring curiosity. There’s a lot of small WWII trivia and comic book trivia that comes with researching Captain America, so there may be a lot of details that people wouldn’t know and be interesting enough to attract visitors to the site. Trivia and photo-based posts may also be relevant for days like the anniversary of D-Day or Pearl Harbor, events that are very important to the America regarding WWII.

Platforms and Posting

If the posts are going to be primarily text and photos, then the best social media platforms to take advantage of are Facebook and Twitter. Both have large user bases and are simple to use. A standard post on either site would include a brief sentence or two of trivia, a relevant image (if possible. They may not always be feasible or necessary), and a link to the site. I’m not sure if I have the information or originality to handle posting daily, but twice a week would certainly be sustainable for several months, if not a year or two.